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Pest Control Services

We provide pest control services as both one-off treatments or long term contracts to help protect your home or business from unwanted pests.


Rats can be extremely tenacious especially once inside you're premises, they can often be in the wall and floor voids, getting access to the loft space and can cause damage to wiring by gnawing to the bare wires, potentially a hazard to either domestic buildings or to you're business. It's important to deal with a rat infestation promptly to prevent contamination of you're valuable stock.


Mice will always try to seek shelter especially in the colder months, they will take any opportunity to make you're home their home. Once they are inside you're premises they will usually head towards the food source this will be the kitchen, under kitchen units and in cupboards trying to find crumbs of food, leaving droppings throughout as they go.


Wasps in the early summer months can be confused with bees. A good way to identify the difference is that wasps will always be more direct by continuously going in and out of the entrance to the nest. Wasps can build nests pretty much anywhere. they have quite a nasty sting therefore should always be dealt with by a professional.

Feral Pigeons

Pest Positive has years of experience in bird control. We are RSPH level in dealing with nuisance birds such as feral pigeons. We offer a wide range of proofing methods such as netting, spiking, pin and wire, gauze mesh work and in some situations birds of prey, depending on the environment.


Squirrels are extremely agile, they can climb along you're fence line up a nearby tree close to you're property then easily find access to you're loft space, they can cause a serious hazard by gnawing exposed cabling and wires.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs can be treated by a wide range of treatments, these bugs can cause complete upset if you have them in your home. We are always there to put your mind at rest whilst dealing with this infestation, they will be in bed frames, creases to the bedding, mostly to the headboard ready and waiting for a feed. We have years of experience dealing with bed bugs and will always be sensitive, discreet and professional.


Textile moths or the clothes moths can cause severe damage to natural fibres such as silk, cotton and wool, damaging clothing items, carpets and even wallpaper. To eliminate them call Pest Positive.


In the UK the most common ants we deal with are the black ants, also known as the common garden ant. These are normally found to your external patio areas, as they prefer sandy soil where they build their nests during the summer months. You will often see a trail of worker ants leading a charge in to your property in search of a food source, usually directly to your kitchen area.

Specialist Solar Panel Proofing

Solar panels are being fitted throughout the UK. Unfortunately these provide the perfect nesting area for feral pigeons, causing damage to the panels and the roof itself. They can be incredibly noisy, also leaving lots of mess with fouling to the roof and the solar panels.

We can provide a range of proofing methods with gauze meshing, netting, bird free gel, spiking, and adjustable clip on spikes.

Pest Postive applying solar panel protection

Experts in Pest Control

We have over 10 years experience in the pest control industry, and our team are fully trained RSPH Level 2 in environmental regulations. We are experienced in dealing with all aspects of your pest control requirements. We pride ourselves on being extremely discreet, friendly, honest and reliable. Our skilled team will always give you our support and go beyond the call of duty to resolve any kind of pest issues you may have in your home or business.

Pest Positive also try to use alternative preventative measures in combating pests, including proofing to holes/gaps leading to your premises. We will always carry out a thorough survey to prevent any dangers to non-target species.

Brett Smith from Pest Positive

Honestly can’t thank Brett from Pest Positive enough. Great guy, completely knowledgable about his trade and was keen to beat the problem however long it would take. Kept us filled in with the process and progress and also gave us tips and tricks on how to avoid and stop them in the future. More than happy with the work and price.

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The areas we cover

Pest Positive provide pest control services to most of Kent. Our operational areas include:

  • Maidstone, including Bearsted, Harrietsham, Leeds, Loose, Coxheath, Staplehurst, Lenham and Marden
  • Medway, including Chatham, Gillingham, Rainham and Walderslade
  • Swaleside, including Sittingbourne, Queenborough, Sheerness and Minster

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